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What is Presque Isle Psychiatric Associates?

Presque Isle Psychiatric Associates (PIPA) is a group of physicians, agencies and facilities in the field of psychiatry who work together to bring mental health care to the Erie Community.

PIPA is one of the largest providers of psychiatric and behavioral health services in Erie County. PIPA physicians provide services to both outpatient and inpatient facilities in Erie County to better serve those with mental illness or substance abuse problems.

As the largest provider of psychiatric and behavioral health care services in the Erie Area, PIPA recruits physicians from many different backgrounds. This recruitment helps to maintain diversity and continue to provide the highest number of physician hours to its members.

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PIPA's Mission

Presque Isle Psychiatric Associates is dedicated to providing leadership in the development and delivery of psychiatric care and education. We are committed to helping county public agencies and community organizations and others provide excellent and compassionate integrated services to children, adults and families whose care is largely funded by the public sector.

About PIPA

PIPA was started in 1995 by local psychiatrists and agencies to help the community with psychiatric recruitment, while providing services to those agencies in need of physician hours. Our community mental health agencies and psychiatrists collaborate to create the best care in Erie County.

PIPA physicians work in a variety of arenas including adult and child/adolescent inpatient care, adult outpatient, adult partial hospitalization, case management, as well as drug and alcohol services. PIPA strives to provide the best coverage and care available. Our doctors see patients from all areas of the community, better enabling them to work with diverse populations and giving them the opportunity to make a real difference in the community.

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